Something to bark about!

“My fiancé and I adopted a Hound/Vizsla Mix we honestly thought was going to be the end of our free time together. I have had a dog for 7 years and she was nothing like this. I could not recommend Alexia and her 1-1 house visits enough. When I say our lives have changed I am not being dramatic. People literally compliment us on our well behaved dog and he is five months old. Every puppy is going to have energy and misbehave, but we have stress-free, gentle tools to deal with high energy situations that also actually help our dog to feel closer to us and respect us. The things we've learned from Alexia have been invaluable. We can't thank her enough!"


- Cassaundra/George & Effie/Maverick

"Alexia has been nothing short of amazing to work with; she’s incredible at what she does, and our lives with our two dogs have positively changed since having her as our dog trainer. Alexia was recommended to us by the adoption/rescue that we worked with to get our second dog, Pepper, and we’re so grateful because she’s fabulous at what she does! Having introduced a second dog into our home where Finley, our pocket beagle, has been an “only child” for 4 years, of course he was a very jealous boy at first. There’s been some obstacles to use as training opportunities to learn from. With Alexia’s training and guidance we’ve drastically improved the lives of not only our 2 dogs (who are doing so wonderful together!), but our lives as well. Training is SO rewarding when you’re consistent, but especially when you have the right trainer. She comes to our home making it a super comfortable and also a very real experience for the dogs, since it’s their everyday situation. Alexia makes training fun and enjoyable, her energy is always very calm and confident. You can tell the way she connects with our two dogs that she genuinely loves puppers, she’s AMAZING at reading dogs and knowing what the answer is. Her training style is everything we wanted and need for our dogs, we truly couldn’t have asked for a better recommendation. :)”

- Sarah/Alex & Finley/Pepper

“I needed training for my pup and (so I) paired with a wonderful trainer named Alexia. She was so patient and calm with my dog throughout all the sessions and stayed very consistent. She was very punctual and communication (which) was very professional. I am so happy to say that thanks to her training abilities my dogs behaviour has improved so much. She taught me everything from basic dog training, leash manners, walking, recall, crate training... you name it! She was so informative and encouraged me to keep trying when things didn't seem to work. It's bittersweet that our training has come to an end but I would highly recommend her to anybody that seeks training for their puppy."


- Natalie & Ozzy

“Alexia was our trainer and she was amazing!! We wanted to get our Newfoundland puppy trained well before she grew HUGE… in 5 classes Alexia taught us how to deal with barking, walking, jumping on people, potty training, leave it commands, stay and recall as well as healthy dog to dog interactions. She even brought her own dog to our sessions so that our puppy could learn how to socialize and respect other dogs boundaries. We’re very happy and have continued to use the techniques that were taught to further train Luna our newfoundland poodle!


- Daniel & Luna

"Alexia is the best dog trainer ever! I am not exaggerating! She taught our puppy so many valuable lessons which helped his confidence, behaviour, and attitude. My dog went into training as a puppy (with) developed trust issues, a lack of confidence, and was scared around other dogs and certain situations (along with the normal puppy behaviour - i.e. counter surfing, nipping with teething, etc.). Alexia provided me with lifelong skills I implemented within my puppy's life. She taught me valuable lessons and Bruno is so much better now! He found his voice and is working more confidently with dogs, despite his bullying trauma. Alexia gets to know your dog on a personal level and knows the science behind dog behaviour. This seriously helps accelerate the dog training process! I swear she is a dog whisperer! Bruno loves her and will be following her training techniques well after our lessons are over. I highly recommend her as a trainer, as she is so kind, patient, respectful, always on time, and understanding."

- Alessia & Bruno